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"Don’t Say Gay" Bill Returns

By Charlotte Robinson, January 31, 2013
Just when you thought it was safe in Tennessee for our LGBT community a Republican lawmaker has again proposed legislation that would prevent teachers from discussing sexuality with their students & it has a homophobic new provision. Senator Stacey Campfield's so–called "Don't Say Gay" bill passed the Senate in 2011 but was not put to a final vote last year. The officially titled "Classroom Protection Act" would "prohibit teachers from discussing of any sexuality except heterosexuality in grades K-8. Now an amendment has been added that has been interpreted as requiring schools to inform a student's parents if the child has engaged in homosexual activity. Can you believe this! Under the new amendment a school counselor, nurse or principal could talk to students about sexuality if a student is "engaging in, or may be at risk of engaging in, behavior injurious to the physical or mental health & well- being of the student or another person." Homophobic anti gay Senator Campfield told reporters that he considers the "act of homosexuality" to be dangerous to a child's health & safety. Chris Sanders, Tennessee Equality Project’s (TEP) Nashville Committee Chair stated, “The very existence of this bill sends a bad message about Tennessee at a time when we should look at constructive proposals to make schools safe, welcoming places for all students.” Updates to Come…:)

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