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Obama Addresses LGBT Equality

By Charlotte Robinson, January 22, 2013
Here we are in 2013 nine years since gay marriage became the law in Massachusetts & finally Obama made history in his inaugural address by including the word "gay" & the issue of LGBT equality for the first time in his speech at the presidential swearing in. Obama stated, "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers & sisters are treated like anyone else under the law for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well." I wonder when he'll be brave enough to use the word "lesbian". He also included & compared the riots of Stonewall in 1969 to the first women's rights convention held in Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1848 & the civil rights march in Selma, Ala., in 1965 stating, "We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths – that all of us are created equal – is the star that guides us still; just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls & Selma & Stonewall; just as it guided all those men & women, sung & unsung, who left footprints along this great Mall, to hear a preacher say that we cannot walk alone; to hear a King proclaim that our individual freedom is inextricably bound to the freedom of every soul on Earth." With the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” & gay marriage headed to the Supreme Court in March our LGBT community has come a long way in the Obama administration but as ENDA the Employment Nondiscrimination Act remains buried in Congress we’re reminded that we still have a long way to go. Updates to Come…:)

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