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LGBT Star War Gamers

By Charlotte Robinson, January 03, 2013
As the momentum continues for LGBT equality game developer Bioware the makers of the massively multi-player online game Star Wars: The Old Republic have made it possible for gamers to flirt with same-gender non-player characters & will introduce more gay romance options in future versions. Of course the conservative homophobes see this as a conspiracy to force everyone to be on the right side of history declaring that game developers need to stop trying to shape the social consciousnesses but we think this is a fabulous step forward. Just think about all the video games that could actually have the option to reflect our LGBT community & what a positive effect this would have on our LGBT teens who are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. Fortunately the homophobic conservatives are finding themselves more & more out of step with society. Someday people will realize that wars against equality should never be fought. It’s not the Christian way to live & certainly un-American. We commend Bioware for making this creative & bold attempt to represent our LGBT community in a positive & playful way. Updates to Come…:)

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