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Shame On Anti Gay UK Bishops

By Charlotte Robinson, January 30, 2013
While surfing the net we found this story that Bishops from the Roman Catholic Church of England & Wales have outlined their reasons why gay couples should not get married. This hypocritical homophobic reasoning is enough to make you nauseous but then we read this insightful comment from John Primm of Alexandria, Virginia who stated, “I don't mind these bigoted, hypocritical Catholics having this point of view, but what on Earth makes them think that they are justified in forcing these moronic views on people like me, who do not believe any of the "magic show" religions of this world? All were created to keep the women & poor in line & to make the men rulers of all. I hope that the Catholic Church & Republican Party will have fun as they sit in their retirement homes wondering just how they became such a non-issue. Furthermore, if you need his holy, Nazi pope-ness or any other religious figure's rules to keep you from murdering, stealing, etc- then you're a weak-kneed idiot. I believe in no higher power, but still have the ethics to refrain from causing anyone intentional harm. Even with their pomp & "authority", they can't keep their own from molesting children & their church from raping poor countries from one end of the globe to the other. The very act of persecuting gays should go against everything they believe in. Are they crusading against heterosexual adultery? Child abuse? Divorce? No- and all of these things are just as frowned upon by their "magician/god" as homosexuality is. Religion a la carte'.” You tell them John! Read The Gay Star News article is entitled “Catholic Bishops: Gays make good parents but still must not marry”…..

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