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LGBT & Women Military Equality

By Charlotte Robinson, January 24, 2013
Gay Marriage Bill PASSES Rhode Island House 51-19!
On to the Senate....Updates to Come...:)
Now that we’re about to have full equality for women in the military wouldn’t it be great if that extended for our gay & lesbian service members & their families as well. It’s so interesting what executive orders can be made & what falls short when it comes to our LGBT community. Now that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has used his authority to lift the ban on women in combat let’s called on him to exercise his leadership in the final days of his term to take decisive action on behalf of the nation’s gay & lesbian service members & their families. OutServe-SLDN Executive Director Allyson Robinson stated, “Secretary Panetta rightly acknowledged the service & sacrifice of so many brave women in our military & affirmed that being fit for combat has nothing to do with gender - just as it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. We thank the Secretary for his leadership in ending this antiquated exclusion & taking an important & historic step forward.” OutServe-SLDN has called on Panetta repeatedly during his tenure to take action on extending recognition, support & benefits to the families of gay & lesbian service members. Robinson added, “After nearly two years of unnecessary & unexplained delay, it’s likewise time for Secretary Panetta to acknowledge & affirm the service & sacrifice of the gay & lesbian military families - who may now serve openly but are still anything but equal - by immediately extending all benefits within his authority under existing law.” Updates to Come…:)

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