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Gay Marriage Absent From Debates

By Charlotte Robinson, October 17, 2012
Mostly likely we’re not going to hear anything about marriage equality from Obama or Romney before the upcoming election. Fortunately we have an army of gay activists out there fighting for LGBT equality in the four states where gay marriage is appearing on the November ballot. In Maine gay marriage activists Luke Montgomery & Eduardo Cisneros arrived in their 2010 Love Bug VW entirely covered with Legalize Love bumper stickers to bring attention to the gay marriage ballot states Maine, Maryland & Washington where marriage equality could pass & in Minnesota where we must keep a constitutional ban on gay marriage from becoming a reality in that state. “We gave the President a bullhorn because we need him to speak out on these votes. These are blue states that are voting for Obama & we believe that the President’s own words will help make sure that the Obama’s support for equal marriage is heard loud & clear so they also vote for marriage equality.” said Eduardo Cisneros with LegalizeLove.com. Luke Montgomery added, “Obama has been an amazing game-changer on this issue & we’re campaigning our hearts out for him because we believe that the President is the secret weapon to move & inspire voters. For us this isn’t politics, it’s personal. We want the right to get married like anybody else. We hope people join us the journey & follow along at LegalizeLove.com.”
For More Info LegalizeLoveBug.com 
Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™
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