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Northeast Embraces Wrath of Sandy

By Charlotte Robinson, October 29, 2012
We’re getting ready to embrace Hurricane Sandy today here in Boston. All LGBT issues are on hold until we know how this huge storm will affect us. Governor Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency & is asking people to stay in or at least off the roads all day. Boston public schools are closed for everyone but nonessential employees & many workplaces are also closed. The National Weather Service predicts a very windy day with high’s in the 60’s. Gusts could reach up to 50 mph. In the afternoon, gusts are predicted to pick up reaching up to 70 mph with a 100 percent chance of rain. The evening will continue to be heavily windy & rainy. Unlike NYC which shutdown their subway yesterday you can use the T. The MBTA has cancelled their ferries services but the subway, bus, commuter rail & RIDE will operate on a normal schedule this morning. We went out yesterday & picked up supplies. You could see the tension of storm in everyone’s face though there was an attitude of "love thy neighbor" which should last the length of the storm. The local media is asking that you should help your community by reporting downed branches, power outages & more. Keep your love ones & smart phones close as we all embrace this storm. We’ll have updates as long as we have power. Updates to Come…:)
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