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If You're Gay Come Out Today

By Charlotte Robinson, October 11, 2012
Coming OUT is definitely a rite of passage for our LGBT community. We must be visible to be successful in gaining our civil rights. As Harvey Milk said, “Burst down those closet doors once & for all, stand up & start to fight.” National Coming Out Day is celebrated on Oct. 11th in the USA & Oct.12th in the UK. So today & every day from now on be Out & Proud! My coming out story: I remember how difficult it was for me. I tossed & turned about telling my parents. Then their was this weekend when my girlfriend & I stayed overnight at my parents beach house. We were playing the game of separate bedrooms. The rooms were divided by the only bathroom in the house. It was early in the morning & I was having work anxieties so I got into bed with Sue to talk about it. Within minutes the door swung open & my Dad on the way to the bathroom caught us in bed together. We weren't doing anything but he knew & ran to tell my Mom.....I was pretty much disowned for a year but they got over it. Before my mom passed-away she said how lucky she was that all her children had found someone to love...:)
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