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Big Day In Iowa For GOP Homophobes

By Charlotte Robinson, January 03, 2012
This is it. The most nauseous way to begin 2012 with the vote of the GOP Iowa Caucus. The frontrunner Mitt Romney wants a federal marriage amendment that will keep prior gay marriages intact but maintain future marriages only between a man & a woman. Then there’s Rick Santorum who not only wants to pass a federal marriage amendment against gay marriage but vows to annul all legal gay marriages that have occurred in the US since 2004. What a guy… Ron Paul continues to take heat for the homophobic, racist newsletters sent in his name in the 1990s. Paul admitted he wrote parts of the letters, the economic bits but insists he never penned the "bad sentences" that warned of a "coming race war" & of a "federal-homosexual cover-up on AIDS." So kids this time tomorrow we’ll know the results & who our serious enemy, er opponent is. Updates to Come…:)
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Morcat said...

I assure you that moderate and liberal Christians are very concerned about the unacceptable discrimination against our LGBT brothers and sisters. I personally write my representatives, both state and federal, comment online and in newspapers­, boycott companies that discriminate, demonstrate, etc., --- everything I can think of to do. However, the far right has had the loudest voice and the main podium for so long, that it is very difficult to be heard. My church stands openly for inclusion of marginalized people, and literally welcomes everyone. I am heartened to see groups on Facebook such as The Christian Left, and Christians Tired of Being Misreprese­nted speaking out. I do not want my two little grandsons growing up in a world controlled by the far right.

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