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Patti Austin on Martin Luther King Day

By Charlotte Robinson, January 16, 2012
Singer Patti Austin stated on OUTTAKE VOICES™ about Martin Luther King Day, “When Martin Luther King was alive I was very active politically. I was in high school at the time. I was truly a political activist...So I was kind of all over that stuff. And by now I’m exhausted from the whole experience. It just represents a lot of pain & a lot of hard work & a lot of anguish because I lived it.” Listen to Audio Byte:
Jack O'Dell, former Southern Christian Leadership Conference activist & aide to Dr. Martin Luther King stated "Dr. King would have fully supported Gay Marriage." Coretta Scott King agreed & stating “Gay & Lesbian people have families & their families should have legal protections. A constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is a form of gay bashing & will do nothing at all to protect traditional marriage.”
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Patti Austin said...

I lived the era of Martin Luther King and John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy and Malcolm X and all these people being shot. And to be totally honest I don’t think we ever recovered from it. I think that might have been the beginning of our cultural and emotional demise. Because I also think in this country we never deal with trauma completely. We always try and gloss over it. So it mostly Martin Luther King Day represents a lot of sad memories for me.

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