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Meryl Streep is Seamless as The Iron Lady

By Charlotte Robinson, January 14, 2012
UPDATE: Meryl Wins Golden Globe & Mentions PARIAH THE IRON LADY is an amazing must-see performance by Meryl Streep of the rise & fall of Conservative UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Set in present day, Streep transforms into the 80 something Thatcher flawlessly. Her current world is constrained by her security detail & Thatcher’s health has been failing since 2002 when she had a series of minor strokes that ended her public speaking engagements. Living in a world of female caretakers, she is consoled by chats with her husband, Denis played by Jim Broadbent, who died in 2003 but whose imaginary presence provides her with companionship. The story of her rise & fall of power is presented in flashbacks. The young Thatcher is played by Alexandra Roach. Streep takes the reins as Thatcher heads to Parliament. The story is a bit of a wake-up call for us all. Thatcher took office on the Conservative ticket pledging to cut policy spending during a recession & provide jobs. The rest is history. THE IRON LADY is beautifully directed by Phyllida Lloyd. (Mama Mia) Let's see if Streep picks up the Golden Globe this weekend for her performance on the way to possibly her third Oscar. The film opens today January 13th. Updates to Come…:)
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Abi Morgan said...

The first thing you have to do is recognize that the film THE IRON LADY is a work of fiction. Any storytelling, even a biopic, is a work of fiction; we weren’t there. When you read the many political biographies of the same time you realize that every one of them mythologizes and has a different take, looking from their own perspective. This film is very much her point of view, so for me it was about trying to get into her head and trying to be true to the character that I was creating. You have to choose carefully, because everyone has an opinion on her, and you are trying to find an authentic take on how she must
have been feeling.

Abi Morgan Wrote the Screenplay

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