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Kristy McNichol Joins Hollywood Gay Elite

By Charlotte Robinson, January 08, 2012
Let this be a lesson to our LGBT community. Child star Kristy McNichol who’s best know for her Emmy Award winning role as Buddy Lawrence in the '70s TV show Family has decided to come OUT to try & help LGBTQ teens who are bullied. McNichol & her partner Martie Allen have been together for the past 20 years which coincidentally has been the length of time she has been out of the public eye. It seems that Kristy is about to turn the big five-oh & wants to be finally open about who she is. I mean we all knew Kristy was gay. The lesson is: Don’t wait until you’re 50 to be yourself. But better late than never so, Congrats Kristy….:)' New Exclusive Audio Chat w/ R. Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans on the GOP candidates running for President & where they stand on gay rights & more… @ OUTTAKE VOICES™ Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™ SUPPORT OUR QUEST @ OUTTAKE™ EQUALITY STORE...:) View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

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Jeff Ballard said...

Kristy McNichol is very sad about kids being bullied. She hopes that coming out can help kids who need support. She would like to help others who feel different. Done with acting, Kristy spends her time focusing on tennis, yoga, travel and raising her beloved miniature dachshunds. She is very happy and healthy and she enjoys living a very private life.

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