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A Day In The Life of Gay Marriage

By Charlotte Robinson, February 19, 2012
Anti Gay Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed the bill legalizing gay marriage as promised. He thinks it's a good idea to put gay marriage on the ballot so that the majority can vote on the rights of a minority. This guy is so disconnected from the human experience it’s pathetic yet he’s making this decision to hurt our LGBT people in the Garden State. At about the same time the good new is in Maryland the House of Delegates approved a gay marriage bill on Friday setting the stage for the state to become the next state where same-gender couples can legally wed. The vote sends the bill to the state Senate which passed similar legislation last year. If the Maryland bill reaches Gov. Martin O'Malley, a gay marriage supporter he will sign the bill making Maryland the 8th state to pass marriage equality. So it’s a mixed bag today as we move forward. Updates to Come…:)
Exclusive Audio Update with Ned Flaherty from Marriage Equality USA about the map he’s created revealing the encouraging news that 42% of Americans now live in the 21 states that offer some form of legal recognition at the state level for same-gender relationships & more gay marriage in America news @ OUTTAKE VOICES™
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