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New Gay & Lesbian US Coast Guard Group

By Charlotte Robinson, February 17, 2012
With the demise of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” we learn that members of the U.S. Coast Guard in the Great Lakes Naval Station have made military history by starting Gays And Lesbian And Supporting Sailors (GLASS), the first gay & lesbian group formed on a military base. GLASS is registered as an official chartered organization at the Great Lakes Naval Station which means authorities consider it as legitimate as the First Class Association or any other command-sanctioned organization. Around 75 people attended GLASS’s inaugural meeting on Monday, gay & straight. Dena Partain, a 24-year Navy veteran who serves as GLASS’ mentor & advisor told the Windy Times that 2 days earlier, GLASS had made an appearance at Equality Illinois gala. “At the gala, veterans kept coming up to our table. They were just so happy we were there… To have that support, I can’t even describe it.” Partain stated. The org OutServe, predates GLASS but is an independent organization operating outside of command structure. So Anchors Away & we love your logo...:)
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