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Gay Marriage Valentines Day Action

By Charlotte Robinson, February 14, 2012
This is the 12th year in a row that loving committed gay couples have appeared at clerk’s offices across the country on Valentines Day to request marriage licenses & to render visible the harm that excluding them from marriage causes them & their families. “The struggle for marriage equality is a critical element in the broader movement for LGBTQ equality. Denying same gender couples the freedom to marry undermines their dignity as human beings & excludes them from over 1,00 rights & protections under federal law,” said Billy Bradford of Marriage Equality USA & GetEQUAL. In San Francisco the annual event has never been more important or appropriate given the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals’ declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional & Washington State becoming the next state to have marriage equality. “Today, we go to marriage license counters across the country to tell our stories and to show that we live in every community & that we want to honor & protect our families just like everyone else,” said Rev. Roland Stringfellow, Director of Ministerial Outreach for the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies. “Love makes a marriage. The time for marriage equality is now,” concluded Stringfellow. Of course if you happen to live in Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Iowa or New Hampshire where gay marriage is legal you will receive marriage licenses, but these unions are still not recognized on the federal level.
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