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Sara Benincasa Agorafabulous! Book Tour

By Charlotte Robinson, February 21, 2012
Sara Benincasa is an award-winning comedian & writer. Her new book AGORAFABULOUS! Dispatches from My Bedroom (William Morrow) is based on Sara’s critically acclaimed solo show about panic attacks & agoraphobia. When Sara was an Emerson College undergrad in the fall of 2001 her college experience became an agoraphobic nightmare. “In the fall of 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks it was a stressful period on the East Coast. Anxiety was in the air & a lot of fear every day was common, so I’m sure that environment had something to do with it.” stated Sara of the time the college coed was petrified to leave her Boston Newbury Street studio apartment. In her new must-read book AGORAFABULOUS! Dispatches from My Bedroom, Sara takes a really serious condition & shares her road to recovery with hilarious twists & turns. We’ll be chatting with Sara Benincasa on OUTTAKE VOICES™ to talk about her book & LGBT issues next week. Sara currently lives in New York but is a New Jersey native so I’m sure she’ll have a lot to say about gay marriage & more. In the Boston area Sara will be appearing at Brookline Booksmith tomorrow Wednesday February 22nd at 7P to read & sign copies.
For More Appearances Info: sarabenincasa.com
New Exclusive Audio Chat with Sara Benincasa, award-winning comedian & writer about her new must-read book AGORAFABULOUS! Dispatches from My Bedroom based on her acclaimed one-woman show. Sara is very outspoken on LGBT issues & is a fierce gay ally. Born & raised in New Jersey we thought we’d get her spin on Governor Chris Christie vetoing gay marriage in her home state & other issues facing our LGBT community @ OUTTAKE VOICES™
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