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Gay Community United Against HRC

By Charlotte Robinson, February 06, 2012
NEW YORK: The LGBT grassroots org Queer Occupy Wall Street protested against HRC’s Gala Dinner fundraiser Saturday night for honoring Goldman Sachs which Queer Caucus says helped spur the global financial meltdown. Protests in solitary took place San Francisco. Here’s the exclusive scoop from Queer OWS Caucus:

The action was a fabulous convergence of NYC's grassroots & beyond. A solidarity event was held in San Francisco at the Harvey Milk Camera Shop, now an HRC boutique & petitions that HRC withdraw the Sach award sprouted up on Daily Kos & Change.org. Among the 80 activists at the action, the Queer OWS Caucus was joined by Queer Rising & Queerocracy & the Radical Faeries & Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who brought plums & magic to the mix with the message HELP. What really stood out is that the broader community is finally coalescing around a message of full equality NOW, organizing together & making it very clear that corporations like HRC do not speak for them. "But what HRC doesn't realize is that this was just the beginning of the engagement. The strategy for equality by 2014 means HRC needs to embrace this idea in the next 3-6 months, whatever action that may require," said Todd (Tif) Fernandez, who helped orchestrate the event.
For More Info: actonprinciples.org
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Queer OWS Caucus said...

The action got great advanced media coverage, including OUTTAKE, the Advocate & TimeOut NY who called HRC for comment. HRC spokesman Paul Guequierre issued this pithy remark clearly revealing HRC's true intention not to open the process to grassroots input: "We are fortunate to live in a democracy where everyone's opinion counts."

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