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The Advocate Covers Martina Navratilova

By Charlotte Robinson, March 08, 2011
Martina Navratilova talks to The Advocate about bouncing
back from breast cancer, facing fear on her Kilimanjaro climb
& her spin on the future LGBT leaders carrying the torch for
our gay rights movement. In 2010 she also broken wrist, faced
a brutal lawsuit from her former partner & ended her trek up
Mount Kilimanjaro with a high-altitude pulmonary edema
scare & an emergency descent. Through it all she remains a
LGBT Equality Champion. Navratilova feels the younger
generation needs to take ownership of the movement.
“I do get pissed off when I’m at some gay event & there’s a
25-year-old & he has no idea who I am. And I say, ‘You need
to know more about your gay history, boy.’ I think the younger
generation takes it a little bit for granted,” Martina stated.
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1 comment:

Martina Navratilova said...

From my hospital bed in Nairobi, Kenya, I was watching CNN and they were showing a five-minute segment on World Sport, about my climb, they talked about what happened, and it was very accurate, and I was like, Oh, that was nice. Then on the ticker underneath it says, ‘Martina Navratilova Quits Her Mount Kilimanjaro Attempt". I can say that I quit, but nobody else can say that I quit! Because the only option of not quitting was to go up and die. So it was not a good solution. Quitting suggests that you had a choice. I did not have a choice.

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