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Gay Marriage Sydney Mardi Gras Theme

By Charlotte Robinson, March 05, 2011
Grand marshals of the parade included Comedian Lily Tomlin,
U.K. activist Peter Tatchell & a young couple, Hannah Williams &
Savannah Supski, who protested the ban on same-gender couples
at Williams’s Melbourne school formal. Marriage equality was the
dominant theme of Saturday’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade
with many pairs of brides & pairs of grooms marching alongside
revelers dressed as cheerleaders, nuns & vampires. Over 15 of the
parade’s 100 floats promoted marriage rights for gay couples
including those of Amnesty International & Labor Faces for
Marriage Equality. The Australian Marriage Equality Now float
lampooned two marriage equality opponents, featuring giant
figures of Prime Minister Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott, leader of
the opposition Liberal Party in parliament, speaking to each other
in thought bubbles. Gillard was portrayed wearing a wedding
dress, Abbott a brief bathing suit.
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1 comment:

Lily Tomlin said...

I love that whole quality Australians have; they're up for anything. I'm a bit disenchanted with politicians generally, but the choice [in California, where she lives] is pretty black and white: you're either going to get the Grim Reaper or somebody who resembles a human being.

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