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Uganda "Kill The Gays bill" Dies

By Charlotte Robinson, March 27, 2011
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Finally OUT of Africa: David Bahati, the minister of parliament
behind Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, suffered a big defeat.
The so-called Kill The Gays bill, which seeks imprisonment for
practicing LGBT & execute repeat offenders, on the order of
President Yoweri Museveni, the Legal & Parliamentary Affairs
Committee has opted not to put the bill up for lawmakers which
ends a 2 year attempted to further criminalize "aggravated
homosexuality." Museveni, supposedly terminated the toxic
bill. This does not, of course, mean gays in Uganda are safe:
sodomy remains illegal there & it's possible Bahati or another
homophobe could take up a similar bill in the future.
Just because 85 countries signed the United Nations resolution
promising to support efforts to keeps LGBTs safe that Uganda's
LGBT will find themselves in the safety net of the international
community. Remember America's religious zealots, immune to
state pressure, helped create the Kill The Gays bill to start with.
Listen to this exclusive audio byte with Rev. John Makokha of
Kenya who talks about American fundamentalists Christian
Evangelists leaders importing homophobia to Africa.

Listen to the Full Audio Interview with Gay Ally
Rev. John Makokha who runs educational

awareness seminars on human sexuality &

gender identity programs in Kenya


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1 comment:

Rev. John Makokha said...

I’m really concerned about the American Fundamental Christian leaders who are very, very homophobic. I think what America needs to do is focus on what the bible says about human sexuality and gender identity and maybe try to reach out in Christian awareness and maybe have conferences with Fundamental Christian Religious leaders so they can tone down their red flags on homosexuality. I’m sorry to say it is a big concern in Africa that we respect each other's opinions but the Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian leaders from America have been transporting homophobia to Africa. The best example is the bill in Uganda and even in Kenya and other parts of Africa have been receiving big chunks of money to propagate heterosexuality and propagate homophobia.

Rev. John Makokha, United Methodist Church in Nairobi, Kenya

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