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Dump Donald Trump

By Charlotte Robinson, March 07, 2011
Finally after weeks of anti-gay rhetoric that Donald Trump
has been throwing at our LGBT community in his Iowa bid
for President, New York City-based gay activist Allen Roskoff
has called for a boycott of Donald Trump's business interests.
The homophobic Trump stated, “New York is a place with lots
of gays & I think it's great but I'm not in favor of gay marriage.
They should not be able to marry. As of this moment, I would
say no to gay marriage and civil benefits for gay couples.”
Trump is also anti-choice & the ultimate bully. Roskoff, who
was the first openly gay appointed official in New York City,
called the 64-year-old CEO of Trump Organization & host of
the NBC reality show The Apprentice “an extreme bigot.”
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Allen Roskoff said...

Not only should gays be furious at Donald Trump, we should be boycotting the products of the advertisers on his TV show and certainly boycotting his casinos and hotels and apartment buildings. His game plan [in Iowa] is to appeal to the extreme right. How he does business in New York, how he's tolerated is beyond me. I think things are going to change for him.

Allen Roskoff, Gay Activist Based in New York

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