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Lady Gaga Celebrates Her 25th Birthday

By Charlotte Robinson, March 28, 2011
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta better known as
Lady Gaga turns 25 today. So the big question is how
will Lady Gaga celebrate her birthday? She has been
among the leading voices across the world urging to
donate money to victims of the Japanese earthquake
& Lady Gaga is a fierce advocate of LGBT civil rights.
Lady Gaga has made her outspoken advocacy for LGBT
issues part of her persona & she continues to challenge
her huge audience to step up & take a stand for equality
in every way. She takes a no-nonsense approach to our
issues & through her advocacy makes it very cool & hip
to support LGBT equality. Lady Gaga have a Fabulous
B-Day & Thank You....:)
Her new CD Born This Way will arrive in May.
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& lots of Celebrities talk Gay Rights & Red Carpet

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Deborah Glick said...

I congratulated her on birthday and thank her on her strong stance on marriage equality and our LGBT issues. She reaches different demographics and encourages younger people on the issue. No one person can change the law but the efforts of a lot of people can. Celebrities use their profiles in progressive change and influence others. Lady Gaga is in a unique position to have her voice heard by millions across the world. By leveraging her platform to speak out on this issue, she is elevating the voices of millions of New Yorkers as well.

Deborah Glick, New York Openly Gay Assembly Member

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